The Giant Parade begins at 1:00pm on Friday of Czech Days.

The excitement of Czech Days begins with the giant parade usually containing over 100 assorted entries.

As you arrive in town prior to the parade, please take care to watch out for pedestrians. The townspeople would also appreciate it if you can avoid parking directly on the lawns.

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2019 Czech Days Parade Marshals

Clarence & Verda Sykora


Clarence Sykora became part of the Tabor community on June 1, 1958 when he went to work for A. G. & Roman Honner.  He remained there for 15 ½ years.


Verda and Clarence were married September 9, 1961 when they moved to Tabor.  Clarence served on the Tabor Fire Department for many years and was fire chief part of this time.  Clarence and Verda were both members of the Tabor Chamber of Commerce for many years doing a lot of different jobs.  In 1968, ladies of the community started sewing Czech doll costumes.  Curly King, Josie Kudrna and Verda continued sewing and dressing many, many dolls which were sold on Czech Days.  Verda helped Amy and Leonard Rokusek run the information center for many years becoming the chairman when the Rokuseks decided to retire.  Verda was also secretary/treasurer at this time.  Verda also sewed costumes for many of the Czech Days queens and Clarence was in many parades over the years.  Baking was also a part of the Sykora’s life making kolaches for the Beseda Hall as well as for people in the community.  Clarence finished his career at the Tabor Co-op after 20 years and continued working on small motors at home.


They have three daughters:  Martha (Jim) Reisz, Sandy (Bill) Knapp, and Lisa (Todd) Catton; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  Their daughters all danced Beseda until they moved from Tabor but still enjoy bringing their children and grandchildren back to celebrate!




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In case of bad weather, seek shelter in one of the following locations.

Storm Shelter Locations:

Beseda Hall, 135 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Elementary School, 227 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Community Center, 138 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Fire Hall, 122 S. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Legion Hall, 145 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Ambulance Shed, 133 S. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063


Czech Days

June 18-19, 2021

Tabor, South Dakota