Queen Candidates


ReAnna MArie Kotalik


Bon Homme High School Senior


Parents: Ben & Jill Kotalik, Tabor, SD


Ambitions and Future Plans:    I plan to get a degree in animal science from SDSU and then someday be a South Dakota 4-H Youth Advisor.


Activities: Volleyball, band, choir, wrestling manager, FFA, 4-H (Tabor Pioneers Club, Horse Club and Shooting Sports).


Honors & Awards: FFA Greenhand Award, Outstanding Senior 4-H member, Choir President, Shooting Sports Treasurer and FFA Secretary, Grand Champion Senior

Horse Judger at the Tri-state Horse Expo, Excellent on a solo for choir competition.


Interesting facts: I have been a 4-H member for 9 years.  Working with animals is my passion and I show horses, cattle and hogs.  I’m a part time horse feeder and stall cleaner at KT Reiners. Each year I complete several craft, sewing and photography projects. I am involved in 4-H community service projects collecting papers and cans for recycling and planting flowers on Tabor’s Mainstreet.  I belong to St. Wenceslaus’ Youth Group and am a Mass Server. I also volunteer my time at Beseda Hall for our church Bazaar and Czech Days.  I’ve danced Beseda for 9 years.


Why do you want to be Czech Days Queen?

When I was crowned the 2010 Czech Days Princess, I decided I would one day run for Queen.  I am proud to call Tabor my home and as Queen I would love to represent Tabor and my heritage.  Czech Days makes me happy.  I enjoy everything from making dumplings and kolache to designing a float for the big parade as well as the Kiddie Parade.  Beseda dancing is fun to be involved in because it’s another way to help keep that tradition alive.


What does Czech Days mean to you?

Czech Days is important to me because it provides special bond that unites my family.  My ancestors made sacrifices, they felt joy and sorrow all while leaving their homeland.  When my ancestors came to America, they wanted to continue their beliefs and traditions.  I feel Czech Days is my time to continue those traditions. I want to pass that along to future generations.





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In case of bad weather, seek shelter in one of the following locations.

Storm Shelter Locations:

Beseda Hall, 135 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Elementary School, 227 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Community Center, 138 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Fire Hall, 122 S. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Legion Hall, 145 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

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