Queen Candidates


Allisan Ann VanWinkle


Bon Homme High School Senior


Parents: Justin & Lisa VanWinkle  Tyndall, SD


Ambitions and Future Plans: I plan to attend USD for Elementary Education as my major and minor in Special Education so I can move back around Tyndall to teach.


Activities: Volleyball, softball, FFA, Track, Beseda Dancing and very active with the St Leo’s Youth Group.


Honors & Awards: Lettered in FFA, Top sales award for FFA fruit and I’m on the B Honor Roll.


Interesting Facts: I help sell poppies for the American Legion.  I serve breakfast at St. Leo’s after church, help at pancake feeds and bingo.  I also help design the yearbook for our school.


Why do you want to be Czech Days Queen?

I am running for Czech Days Queen because I would love the opportunity to travel all over and be in other parades representing Tabor, SD, and being able to tell about my family’s relation to Czech Days.  I have learned a lot about my heritage, but now I want to share this with the Tabor community and everyone that comes to experience the wonderful tradition in such a small community.  I hope that this will open up their eyes to look at their own heritage.  I also hope to inspire younger girls to carry on this tradition just as I was.  I have fond memories of watching the dancers in Sokol Park and not only be an accomplishment this year, but would mean that I could come back every year to celebrate with all of the queens both past and present.


What does Czech Days mean to you?

Czech Days is about coming together and celebrating our Czech heritage.  My favorite part of Czech Days is the traditional foods, especially kolaches and dumplings.  For years, I’ve helped my family make kolaches and dumplings and have invited friends into the process as well.  Going to eat with my family in Beseda Hall is a tradition we have had for as long as I can remember.  Czech Days is the time of year that you get to catch up with people that you haven’t seen in a long time and catch up with them.  The various activities going on in Sokol park serve not only as entertainment but as a reminder of heritage.   Czech Days is the time you get to enjoy everything in one weekend, from baseball to fireworks, to parades and candy, to the carnival and the foods, and finally to enjoy some good Polka dancing.  Out of all of these things, however, the best thing is to enjoy all of it with your family and friends.









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