Countdown to Czech Days Calendars


$20 Donation Each


Drawings start April 1 and run through the Saturday of Czech Days.


$4,600 in prizes!!!


Winning tickets are re-entered into the drawing. Win over and over.


Winners are posted in CorTrust Bank in Tabor. Prize checks mailed daily.


$50 Daily winners

$100 Saturday winners

$150, $250, $500 winners last three days


Mail check to:

Tabor Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 21

Tabor, SD 57063


2021 Winners


1-Apr Thursday $50 Millie Steffen  Lincoln NE

2-Apr Friday $50 Brett & Stacy Szabo Sioux Falls SD

3-Apr Saturday $100 Marilyn Sestak Columbia MO


5-Apr Monday $50 Justin & Angela Hajek, Elk Point SD

6-Apr Tuesday $50 Marvin or Rayna Merkwan, Tabor SD

7-Apr Wednesday $50 Kathy Horacek, Tyndall SD

8-Apr Thursday $50 Audrey Sayler, Scotland SD

9-Apr Friday $50 Evie Kronaizl, Tabor SD

10-Apr Saturday $100 David Mudloff, Olathe KS


Week Starting April 12, 2021:

$50 Monday- Emma Povondra, Tabor SD

$50 Tuesday- Dave Sutera, Tyndall SD

$50 Wednesday- Rick & Pam Novak, Tyndall SD

$50 Thursday- Jen Carda, Tabor SD

$50 Friday- Kathy Horacek, Tyndall SD

$100 Saturday- Taylor Caba Murray NE


Week Starting April 19, 2021:

$50 Monday-Andy Hejna, Tabor SD

$50 Tuesday- Linda Cuka, Tyndall SD

$50 Wednesday- Jacob Carda, Tabor SD

$50 Thursday- Dennis Povondra, Tabor SD

$50 Friday- Nicole Einrem, Tabor SD

$100 Saturday- Jessica Schaeffer, Tabor SD


Week Starting April 26, 2021:

$50 Monday-Patty Chladek, Lesterville SD

$50 Tuesday- Shirley Woods, Tabor SD

$50 Wednesday- Sarah Rose, Ipswich SD

$50 Thursday- Dave Sutera, Tyndall SD

$50 Friday- Marlene Pechous, Tabor SD

$100 Saturday- Danika Knudson, Northlake, TX


Week Starting May 3, 2021:

$50 Monday-Austin Koch, Tyndall SD

$50 Tuesday- Jeremy Syrovatka, Lesterville SD

$50 Wednesday- Brandon Clocksene, Groton SD

$50 Thursday- Janel Schuch, Tampa FL

$50 Friday- Malena Diede, Yankton SD

$100 Saturday- Kimberly Graham, Beachwood OH


Week Starting May 10, 2021:

$50 Monday-Connie Svanda, Tyndall SD

$50 Tuesday- Cory Sykora, Springfield IL

$50 Wednesday- LaVon Humpal, Tyndall SD

$50 Thursday- Austin Zimmerman, Tabor SD

$50 Friday- Larry Palsma, Springfield SD

$100 Saturday- Chris Schuch, Tyndall SD


Week Starting May 17, 2021:

$50 Monday-Tonya Cihak, Yankton SD

$50 Tuesday- Bryer Heine, Yankton SD

$50 Wednesday- Cyndy Anstine, Utica SD

$50 Thursday- Dennis or Hattie Vellek, Lincoln NE

$50 Friday- Stephen Knudson, Billings MT

$100 Saturday- Zach Sykora, Scotland SD


Week Starting May 24, 2021:

$50 Monday-Todd Gerlach, Parkston SD

$50 Tuesday- Karen Watson, Freeman SD

$50 Wednesday- Tom Kronaizl, Tabor SD

$50 Thursday- Chris Potter, Ralston NE

$50 Friday- David Vlasak, Phoenix, AZ

$100 Saturday- Kenneth or Sharon Hejl, Brandon SD


Week Starting June 1, 2021:

$50 Monday-n/a (Memorial Day Holiday)

$50 Tuesday- Tim Mesman, Springfield SD

$50 Wednesday- Chelsey Holland, Yankton SD

$50 Thursday-Braden Beran, Tabor SD

$50 Friday- Kenzley Souhrada, Tyndall SD

$100 Saturday- Joe Syrovatka, Lesterville SD


Week Starting June 7, 2021:

$50 Monday-Gary Kortan, Tabor SD

$50 Tuesday- Alvin Sternhagen, Tabor SD

$50 Wednesday- Gerard or Fina Sekerak, Virginia Beach, VA

$50 Thursday-Julie Rothschadl, Scotland SD

$50 Friday- Carrie Smith, Tabor SD

$100 Saturday- Derrick Johnson, Tabor SD


Week Starting June 14, 2021:

$50 Monday-Donna Cap, Tabor SD

$50 Tuesday- Stacy Robertson, Sioux Falls SD

$50 Wednesday- Anthony Edwards, Scotland SD

$150 Thursday-Joel Humpal, Tyndall SD

$250 Friday- Ruth Ann Boska, Tyndall SD

$500 Saturday- Tammy Cahoy, Tabor SD



































Tabor Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 21

Tabor, SD  57063



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In case of bad weather, seek shelter in one of the following locations.

Storm Shelter Locations:

Beseda Hall, 135 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Elementary School, 227 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Community Center, 138 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Fire Hall, 122 S. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Legion Hall, 145 N. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063

Tabor Ambulance Shed, 133 S. Lidice St., Tabor, SD 57063